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Eco-friendly Events


Eco-friendly Events

Corporate business, the eco-friendly way!

The Hotel Ambassadeur Quebec is now in partnership with the Bourse du carbone scol’ERE, an initiative of Coopérative Forêt d’Arden.

The organism gives businesses the chance to estimate their greenhouse gas emission, generated from transportation related to their event.

By knowing more about your emission, you have the opportunity to compensate it by buying “Educational Carbon Credits”, which result in a donation to the organism. Your event will be part of the Eco-friendly Events list, as you can see on the website of the organization

The donations are all destined to educate young students and raise awareness among them about the social and environmental actions that can be made on a daily basis.


To know more about the Bourse du carbon scol’ERE.

To calculate your event’s greenhouse gas emission.


To book your event at Hotel Ambassadeur Quebec, please contact:

Jenny Comeau
Banquet & event coordinator
T. 418.666.9194 poste 110
[email protected]


To get more information about the Bourse du carbone Scol’ERE:

Pierre-Yves Renaud M.A.| Coopérative Forêt d’Arden
Manager – Corporate and Partnerships
Office phone: 418.603.2949 | Mobile: 581.305.4655
Email: [email protected]