Hotel Ambassadeur Quebec

Funeral Service Reception

Hotel Ambassadeur Quebec offers a funeral reception planning support service. We know that planning such an event can sometimes be really tough for the significant others of the deceased, thus a member of our team will be devoted to the planning of your reception, taking care of every detail in order to help you in this difficult moment.

We have many rooms offering different capacities and setup options. We can host more private reception or create biggest events if you want to receive a lot of family members, friends and relatives. Furthermore, our catering service is provided by Batifol Bar & Grill restaurant, offering menus especially made for these kinds of events*.

Click here to check the menu selection. (French only)

Our main goal is to plan an earnest and respectful gathering in total coherency with your desires.

*Menus available for a 50 guests and more reception, tax and tip excluded. Rate does not include the room rental fee.

Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us what you need.