Hotel Ambassadeur Quebec

Planning Tools

Hotel Ambassadeur Quebec offers a planning tool for your meetings, conventions or important encounters in Quebec City. Whether you are a small or big group, we surely have a room to suit your needs: use our planning tool to see the room capacities and setup options.

Number of persons

Desired configuration

Inferior floor


Salle Beauport

10'550 PC20077150-88

Salle Battures

10'550 PC4028404024



Salle Orléans

10'550 PC5028403224

Salle St-Laurent

10'684 PC7044504842

Salle Ste-Anne A

10'765 PC7545604032

Salle Ste-Anne B

10'1450 PC160801409664

Salle Ste-Anne A+B

10'2200 PC24012522514596

Salle Ambassadeur

15'4000 PC400230350215208