Hotel Ambassadeur Quebec

Eco-friendly Events

Hotel Ambassadeur Quebec is now associated with the Bourse du carbone scol’ERE, a Coopérative Forêt d’Arden initiative.

This organization enables companies to easily calculate the greenhouse gas emission created by transportation during their event.

Afterwards, you have the possibility to give an amount of money to the organization by buying “Educative carbon credits”. This amount is proportional to the greenhouse gas emission produced. This donation enables you to appear in the “I compensate” event list.

The collected funds are used for social implication and environmental initiatives for youth, in order to educate them and raise their awareness on the daily gestures that can be done to help improve the environment situation.

Click here to learn more about Bourse du carbone scol’ERE.

Click here to calculate the greenhouse gas emission produced by your event.

To book your event, contact:

Anne-Claire Nobili

Tel : 418 666-9194